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Remote Machine Monitoring System

Helping businesses deliver value-added services
In the face of Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, machine manufactures must find ways to stay competitive and provide the highest levels of customer service. InHand Remote Machine Monitoring & Maintenance System makes it easy to access and configure thousands of machines across the globe, collect real-time operation data and conduct predictive analytics. The system helps manufactures reduce cost, improve uptime, build news business models and finally increase new revenue streams.



Connect Distributed Field Machines or Devices   

-InHand Industrial Gateway InRouter900/InGateway601


● Reliable and secure connection, support 4G LTE, 3G, ADSL, etc.

● Multiple interfaces, support serial port, Ethernet port to connect industrial devices 

● Support MODB, USPPI, MPI,HostLink and more

● Rugged industrial design, ideal for harsh environments 


Cloud Computing & Advanced Analysis

- InHand Device Networks Cloud Platform

● Centralized net management, remote upgrades, data flow monitoring

● WebSCADA, remote monitoring & maintenance, and assets management 
● Remotely program and configure PLC controllers, remote commissioning


Device Manager-Remote Device Monitoring
Remote configuration and monitoring for InHand products and customer devices. Track and monitor thousands of devices in a simple Web-browser based interface with no installation required.
Device Touch-Intelligent PLC Remote Access
Device Touch software allows engineers to access any serial or Ethernet device with its native software through a virtual, encrypted tunnel to the device. It is a conveninent secure remote access solution for PLC and RTU devices.
Device Sense-Intelligent Device Monitoring
Featuring WebSCADA, real-time device status monitoring, alarm monitoring, historical trend analysis and device tracking, Device Sense software can efficiently prevent and reduce faults while facilitating decision-making for machine monitoring.

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